Stop catching up.

Start moving forward.

When you’re juggling 20 topics at work, Ruum takes over project management and enables teams to deliver their best work.

You're in good company.

» Ruum stops endless, cluttered email threads. It brings together the right people and the right information at the right time. «

Martin Böhm

Chief Digital Officer, Beiersdorf AG

A super lightweight Project Management workspace

Ruum delivers the benefits of project management to everybody in the enterprise. Task management, timelines, file storage and team collaboration - as easy to use as email and with 1 click setup.

An AI that takes over PM tasks

Ada, Ruum’s Project Management AI, takes over follow-ups with all your team members, and delivers daily briefings on milestones and important changes. Ada makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks anymore.

Deep integration to your business processes

Ruum integrates with all your business systems, so you can plug Project Management on top of any business process. Build templates to automate Project setup and workflow execution. Ruum finally connects your back office processes to your front office execution.

The right solution for your business

Some examples of how Ruum helps teams to get work done:


Close more deals

Ruum helps sales teams get rid of countless phone calls and alignment meetings. It syncs all activities with your CRM to make sure nothing ever slips.


Run better campaigns

Marketing teams use Ruum to coordinate content & campaigns across the globe - a Project Management service for your marketing stack.


Service your customers

Every customer escalation needs world-class project management. Ruum takes over coordination when hell breaks loose - and you have no second to waste.


Manage & grow your team

Coordinate recruiting, onboard new team members, and align your OKRs - Ruum delivers project management for all your HR processes


Empower the enterprise

When your market share drops, or your demand spikes - Ruum connects with your analytics tools. In a real-time business, you’ll never let an opportunity slip.


Manage your supply chain

Integrated with your logistics processes, Ruum supports your digital supply chain - from planning to execution.