A simple, shared workspace
to master your opportunities.

All tasks, files, and emails in one place.
Work with your customers and suppliers.
Define repeatable project templates.
Integrates with your existing tools (Office, SAP, & more).

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communiation noise

End the communication noise.

No more messy and hard to follow email threads and chat channels. Ruum enables you to collect and structure all relevant discussions in one place – transparent for all team members.

everybody on the same page

Have everybody on the same page.

Stop worrying about people not being up to date. Ruum answers the question of "who saw what?“ and provides a single source of truth for all project related documents, emails, tasks, and links.

easy onboarding

Onboard anyone with ease.

Get a team together with one click. Ruum spins up a project from an email thread and enables you to add customers, partners, consultants and third parties on the fly.

You're in good company:

SAP Nivea Coke

"Ruum stops endless, cluttered email threads. It brings together the right people and the right information at the right time."

Martin Böhm
Martin Böhm

Chief Digital Officer, Beiersdorf AG


One Powerful Editor

Collaborate with your whole team in real-time on the all-in-one document. Structure your work on the fly and create templates for your most common use cases and processes. Don't miss any significant changes thanks to intuitive highlighting.

Files, Tasks & Emails

One Place for all
Tasks, Files & Emails

Collect all your project's documents in one place. Get an overview of who has seen, edited or changed them and when. Finding old files in Ruum is a breeze.


One Overview for all Projects

Watch your team's work unfold in one central place. Ruum's lobby is the only projects dashboard you need to see all relevant changes and edits while you were gone. So you can quickly jump in where needed.

Make your life easier – use Ruum!

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