Ruum for Sales

Focus on your customers and close more deals

Never feel lost in coordination when executing a close plan. Map your path forward and bring all the pieces together to close on time. Ruum coordinates your team while you focus on what matters most: supporting your customers and closing your deals.
“Ruum has been incredibly helpful in giving me time back and allowing me to focus on value add tasks. It helped my team plan, manage, and run our biggest deal to date. Account Executives need to be excellent project managers and this is the best tool for that!
John Nardella | Senior Account Executive

Let Ruum take over the coordination while you focus on closing

Focus on what matters

Save time by reducing endless email threads and internal meetings. Outsource administrative tasks to focus on building powerful relationships with customers, and gain meaningful insights that help you close deals.

Quick access & transparency

Integrate data from different sources and keep all information in one place. Have everything on your radar and prepare for meetings within minutes, onboard colleagues quickly, and do your reporting on the fly.

Operational excellence

Create a clear understanding across your entire company by aligning all account planning and closing activities. Assign tasks and hold your team accountable to customer success.

Ruum turns your sales team into rockstars

Customer Meetings

Reduce the pain of organizing customer meetings and let your virtual assistant handle it. Coordinate multiple speakers as well as facility, catering and IT support teams with ease.
  • Let ruum handle the organizational aspects of preparing your customer meetings and focus instead on understanding customer needs and finding the right stakeholders to involve in the meeting
  • Jointly collaborate with all meeting participants to plan for successful customer meetings
  • Simply store and share all documents in one place
  • Make involved stakeholders accountable for parts of the agenda and let ruum automatically follow up on your behalf to ensure timely creation of relevant content
  • Capture meeting minutes and create follow up tasks on the fly

Opportunity Management, Close Plans, Account Planning

Add task planning super powers to your CRM. Enable Sales Reps to track status and progress of opportunities and closing plans. Help them focus on the right things at the right time to increase closing rates and decrease sales cycle length.
  • Closely integrated in to your CRM and always in sync for easy collaboration and task management with people outside the CRM. Reducing communication overhead.
  • Create effective close plans and let ruum help executing on it by taking over all project management tasks.
  • Share closed plan with your customers for better customer involvement and better conversion rates
  • Enable effective collaboration with your sales team without the need of endless e-mail threads and meetings
Bring your content and projects together.
Integrations for Sales coming soon! Be the first to find out about future integrations!

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